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Our Methodology

Every business is unique, benefits from individual attention and focused tailored solutions.


A snapshot of your current experience?

Do you?

  • Recognise that the time has come to achieve your businesses unmet potential?
  • Have the desire to make the changes needed for the good of your business?
  • Believe that external support will improve the probability and efficiency of your success?
  • Feel isolated in your role as a business owner or leader?


Are you?

Experiencing business turbulence
in your:

  • Team’s effectiveness?
  • Business success?
  • Customer base?
  • Range of products?
  • Future-outlook?
  • Quality of service delivery?
  • Planning & implementation?
  • Market place?
  • Sense of enjoyment & well-being?
  • Ability to meet new challenges?
  • Ability to innovate & take full advantage of new opportunities?

 Will you?

Take decisive action to combat:

  • Owner or Leader isolation.
  • The feeling of not knowing what you don’t know.
  • The belief that the problems you have come to live with, cannot be solved.
  • Living with excessive levels of stress due to feeling unsupported.
  • A lack of shared responsibility by team members.


Start your business transformation now

Together we can navigate a way through any business turbulence or threat you might be facing.


The solutions we drive stem from the following strategies:

Research & Review

We conduct:

Fact finding reviews to establish a clear understanding of your current situation as well as the ongoing relevance of your organisation.

Reconsider & Rework

We collaborate:

  • To develop time sensitive recovery and rescue plans for all identified burning issues within your organisation.
  • To develop the plans to mitigate the reoccurrence of these burning issues.
  • To develop strategic plans for the future sustainability of your organisation.

Revive, re-establish & realign

We revive your business by:

  • Introducing relevant external service providers to assist where prudent.
  • Supporting your leadership through the required change management processes.
  • Monitoring, analysing and discussing progress with your leadership structure on a regular basis.
  • Exiting at the appropriate time or entering into ongoing support relationships, to bolster your leadership effort.


Reasons to use OnBoard Business Consultants:

  • The vastness of our experience across all types of businesses.
  • The depth of our change management experience.
  • The in-depth understanding of all business processes.
  • The strength of our support network that allows for strategic outsourcing.
  • Our high levels of compassion and integrity.

No client is too small.

Our services can be scaled to suit your unique requirements.


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